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What If You Could Be Coached by the Guy that Top Earners in Our Profession Call “Mentor?”

And What If You Could Have Access to his Higher Power and Higher Level Home Business Coaching Today?


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Connect To The Life-Transforming Teachings And True Network Marketing Authority Of Dr. Doug Firebaugh

What Makes Us Different?

Fresh Approach

Our approach to training, coaching and equipping is different and well thought out. We provide multiple ways to consume the content to grow you into the superstar that is inside of you.

Unique Content

It's not the "same old, same old" training that you can find everywhere in the profession. It's original, abundant and proven effective to grow you to the level of the elite leaders in the profession.


Tap into our 30+ years experience in the profession and proven track record of driving the growth of numerous 6 and 7 figure earners across a broad range of companies globally.

Support Community

The WealthFuel community is there 24/7 to answer all your questions, recognize and celebrate accomplishments and provide direction, feedback and support.


We eat, sleep and breathe network marketing training. WealthFuel is our 100% focus and we love helping our members achieve extraordinary success.

Our Commitment

Our efforts and determination are exclusively dedicated to your personal growth, increase, success, multiplication, and the building of your wealth.

“Maybe you know of him, maybe you don’t, but Doug Firebaugh is one of the ORIGINALS — He was among the very first to provide training to the network marketing profession via the internet in the 90’s. Doug has long been considered a Thought Leader among and beyond Network Marketing and Direct Sales professionals. His impact on entire companies and teams in our profession continues to be immense, to the tune of Billions in volume.

Many of today’s top earners and trainers admit (and some won’t😉) they cut their teeth on, and still perpetuate Doug’s original content. I would venture to say that Dr. Doug Firebaugh may be the most plagiarized creator of training in our profession. In fact, there have been books, courses and other training resources written by folks just hitting copy and paste from Doug’s extensive online library of thousands of training articles and audios🤔.

The fact that Doug is releasing new, unique content for network marketers is a highly anticipated, breath of fresh air. I emphatically encourage anyone serious about building a strong, enduring network marketing business to get your hands on anything he puts out!

Troy Dooly

Beachside CEO

Are you ready for a Higher Power and Higher Level Network Marketing Training Experience that could change everything?

Member Access & Benefits

Imagine Having Daily Access to Doug Firebaugh

Imagine Having Daily Access to Higher Level Network Marketing Training From One of the Original and Most Powerful Trainers in the Profession.

Is he insane? No, he just believes in you and knows the power of sowing seeds into your business.

The 4 Cornerstones of WealthFuel:

Power Development

Personal Development on Steroids!

Business Development

Tried and True Plus Fresh New Strategies & Tactics

Leadership Development

Building You To Build Others

Wealth Development

Creating an Inner Structure to DRIVE the External Treasures

Connect for Fresh Daily Content

Imagine getting over 20 hours every month of higher level network marketing training and daily live access to the original author of much of what has become Gold Standard training for our profession today.

Noon Zooms Daily

Live Daily Power Builder Zoom Sessions.

Interact With Our Community & Doug

Motivation, inspiration and support + action = results.

Chain Breaker Sessions

Break FREE from hindering habits & mindsets that rob your success.

UpSTART Weekly

UpSTART: a person who has risen suddenly to wealth or high position. Weekly New Distributor webinars to build you as you build your empire.


What is Wisdom Worth?

What would it be worth to you to gain the wisdom and strategies that have created hyper-growth and acceleration among the many #1 earners and entire companies around the globe that Doug has been coaching for years?

Proven Strategies

Systematic growth coaching to get you where you want to go, faster.

Wisdom + Experience

30+ years experience, Doug has coached countless CEOs, Presidents, Top Earners and Leaders.

Fresh, Unique Ideas

You'll never be bored, you wont hear the same old stuff everyone else is repeating, and you'll always find million dollar value inside.

Comprehensive & Vast

Doug is highly prolific and his faucet of wisdom and creativity for this business never ceases to pour, filling the members area with pure GOLD!.

A Lifestyle of Learning A Legacy of Leadership WealthFuel - Go Higher!

WealthFuel was created for you to discover fresh, new ideas and accelerate your growth – where Learning is a Lifesyle and Leadership is your Legacy!


Members Only Access

Here are just a few of the many monthly course categories you'll have access to as a member of the WealthFuel Family:


Communication Fuel

This course will help you become a Magnetic Power Communicator in every aspect of your business and life.

Power Development

Personal development +++ - this will help build you and move you towards an Undefeatable Life and Business.

Prospecting Fuel

Learn how to increase your Power and Results in your Prospecting and master the Art of Prospecting like the pros.

Recruiting Fuel

Discover powerful secrets to approaching, attracting and converting prospects into new business partners.

Social Media Fuel

Learn the secrets to Social Media Psychology, Emotions, Processes, Scripts, Mistakes, Secrets, and Actions.

Leadership Fuel

Discover transformational Leadership secrets of Million Dollar producing Entrepreneurs that are rarely revealed.

Cheerful couple shopping online

Closing Fuel

Learn Secrets to Closing the prospect every time, the Mistakes to avoid, Psychology, Emotions, Scripts, + more.

Happy young afro lady chatting online in bedroom

Motivation Fuel

Discover secrets of Motivation and Inspiring people to achieve the Extraordinary in their businesses.

Wealth Fuel

Discover secrets to increase your ability to produce Wealth IN YOU, your business and your Team rarely taught.

Mindset Fuel

Discover the Psychology, Emotions, Secrets, Processes, and more regarding Millionaire Thinking/Mindset.


Networking Fuel

Discover the secrets of massively building your Network Marketing or Direct Sales empire.

Ancient Wisdom

Discover the secrets to building a business through God’s Unseen Power and Hand guiding and directing you.

What's On The Inside?

Here's a peek of some of the topics you'll find on the inside of our exclusive members resource library.

Ready To Begin?

“There are many marketers, training sites and videos online promising to teach you how to become successful in Network Marketing — But there is only ONE WealthFuel.” ~ Lisa Ellis

Results & Reviews

From Our Clients and Friends.

Tens of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Are Glad They've Chosen Our Training. Here's What Our Clients and Colleagues Are Saying:

Just One New Idea...

"WealthFuel is legit the best value in Network Marketing training! Once again, Doug Firebaugh totally over-delivers with the most unique, vast and empowering content in the profession."
— Entrepreneur
"I want to whole-heartedly recommend the work of Doug Firebaugh. I've been working with him for over a decade now and he's one of the true greats in our profession. There are very few people who get it, who know how to teach it, transmit it, and who know how to actualize it in other people and Doug is that leader. He is an inspired and inspiring man. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I highly encourage you to do so."
margie aliprandi
Margie Aliprandi
— 7-Figure Global Leader
"I've been in the network marketing profession for over two decades and I have discovered that there are very few people that I admire and that I respect and that I would highly recommend. Doug Firebaugh is, in my opinion, the Jim Rohn of the network marketing profession. Whatever you do, follow Doug in what's he's doing because his stuff absolutely works and he'll help you get to the top of your comp plan."
Terry Petrovick
Terry Petrovick
— Top Earner & Industry Influencer
Tina Heurman
— Entrepreneur
Maryellen Duchesne
— Entrepreneur
Cory Westerbeck
— Entrepreneur
Gregory Snead
— Entrepreneur

More Client Reviews

"There are Gurus. There are Master gurus. There are Super gurus. And there is Dr. Doug Firebaugh. Hard to believe, that a single person is capable of producing and giving consistently away such enormous amount of knowledge, skills, wisdom and advice like he does and has for decades. Thank you Doug and bless you."
Andrej Avcin
"The year before we started coaching with Dr. Doug Firebaugh our income was $100K. Since working with Doug for the last 12 months our income jumped to $350K for the year. He challenges and inspires us to go higher!"
Bill & Jeannie Lange
Business Owners
"Doug, your trainings are the missing link. I definitely recommend your trainings and webinars. The information you provide is amazing! Thank you so much!"
Veronica Walker-Davis
"Dora down under here, I always get awesome value from your training and this one is EXTRAORDINARY. Thanks Doug."
Dora Tsipouras
"Doug Firebaugh is our team's secret weapon. His style is brutally honest, in-your-face truth. He will challenge you, grow you and maybe even make you mad but he will help you achieve the goals, promotions and income you never thought you would."

The wisdom Doug shares isn't limited to just Network Marketing. He took the time to meet with both of my children right out of college to help prepare them as they began their careers, one as a Corporate Recruiter and the other in Sales, and they both believe their time with him was life-changing!💗"
Elizabeth Mac
"While coaching with Doug Firebaugh over the last year I became #1 Recruiter and #1 Volume Producer at my rank with high honors and recognition from my company at our recent convention. With Doug's help I'll triple my volume in 2020."
Ed Gross
"Before we met Doug Firebaugh we were unknown newbies in our company. Over the following 12 months we engaged Doug’s program and received a six figure annual bonus in addition to our income and now we have one of the fastest growing teams in the company. If you own a home business, get your team trained by Doug. It'll change their life and yours!"
Mike & Melanie Lynch
Who Is This For?
New Distributors & Experienced Leaders
Anyone Ready To Dominate.
The Epicenter For Extraordinary Success.
Legendary Community
Where Results Rule!
Go Beyond Average
Fresh, Daily Network Marketing Training Secrets
You've Never Heard Before
A Lifestyle of Learning
Where Learning is a Lifestyle.
A Legacy of Leadership
Where Leadership is Your Legacy.
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We Grow People

Our Mission is to Help People Build a 7-Figure Life.


24/7 Access to the information that has built countless #1 earners and top company leaders.


It's more than just a learning experience - Doug's training pours into you with an infusion of wisdom.


The fruit of time invested inside the members area brings accelerated personal transformation and results.

Building You To Build A Legendary Life.

Hey there! I’m Dr. Doug Firebaugh and I want to thank you so much for checking out WealthFuel and invite you to join our thriving community! You may or may not be familiar with me, so let me tell you a little bit of my story and our focus for WealthFuel.

I’ve been in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession for over three decades,  since 1986, beginning with a global Network Marketing company where I co-led a huge team of thousands upon thousands of distributors in multiple countries. This Profession is pretty much all I have ever done.

I launched my speaking, training and consulting company along with one of the VERY FIRST Network Marketing Training websites/blogs on the internet in the late 90’s where I published thousands of articles to help equip the profession. It has been a GO TO Resource to generations of Networkers for years. 

I’ve shared the stage with the “Who’s Who” of motivational and leadership greats such as Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Dr. Dennis Waitley, Dr. John Maxwell, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hanson plus many more legendary speakers.

I have Trained and Coached 48 #1 earners to date – and over 80 Top 10 earners and their teams – along with CEOs, Presidents and Owners.

I have been blessed to develop Training Systems and Programs for many companies around the globe, including multiple Billion-Dollar companies.

My hope and prayers, along with my wife, Jodi, are that WealthFuel will help take YOU and YOUR BUSINESS to the level of EXTRAORDINARY.

We call it: The 7-Figure Life.”

That is our DRIVING PASSION for EVERYONE in the WealthFuel community to achieve. We are so thankful to the Lord we have been blessed to be a part of helping so many others to start – and eventually arrive – at that 7-Figure Life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many total videos will I have access to every month?

There are approximately 70 NEW Training and Coaching videos, audios and other training resources added every month to the WealthFuel Library, that you will have access to. And you will have access to them for as long as you are a member in good standing.

2. Will there be a Search Function to search the WealthFuel content?

Yes there is a SEARCH Function because the Library is so vast and will be growing
every month. You can search by keywords, category, date, etc. Just put your keywords in
the search bar and wait for results.

3. What happens if I have an issue with my account?

We have a support desk and you just send us a note. And as we grow, we will be adding other layers of support as well. We will get back with you within 24 hours or quicker.

4. Is all the content available immediately or is it monthly?

You get access to the first month Course Content inside immediately! Every week we also will be uploading DAILY Gold Trainings as well as the Weekday Noon Zooms,
UpSTART Weekly, Weekly Bonus Gold Trainings, Million Dollar Coaching, Chain Breaker videos, and Targeted Trainings – ALL ON DEMAND 24/7. You will have access to NEW content every day. And as WealthFuel grows, surprises will be added as well.

5. Can I get One on One help and support?

Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support and feedback any time from us; but we also run monthly live Q&A sessions, where you can pre-submit your questions for Doug, Jodi, or Troy, or even ask them Live. On top of that we also have a private coaching section in the community called Chain Breakers, and Group Coaching, where
you can get private coaching and feedback from Doug, Jodi, and Troy. This alone can
be worth a LOT.

6. What is the “5K Give Away Weekly?”

This is a promotion we will be running for quite a while. This is a WEEKLY giveaway of $5,000.00 worth of FREE Coaching by Doug to celebrate the launch of WealthFuel.

Every week, a person will WIN TWO HOURS of Coaching. An hour of one-on-one private coaching with Doug, and another hour coaching for them and their Leaders.

That is TWO HOURS of coaching given away to a WealthFuel member WEEKLY – who qualifies and wins. All they have to do when this promotion is launched, is promote WealthFuel and WealthFuel hash tags on social media regularly and that automatically enrolls you into a drawing. A NEW winner EVERY WEEK. There will be also other prizes as we grow that will be included.

7. Why should I just not wait and become a member later?

It’s time for you to TAKE ACTION and start CRUSHING your business NOW. Simple as that. If you really want to have a successful, highly lucrative Home Business, you need somewhere to get answers to all of your questions – especially the ones you don’t know you have yet. You need support, training, accountability, community, and most of all…

8. What if I should decide that I need to cancel my membership?

Obviously we’d love it if all of our members of our WealthFuel family stuck around forever – but we’ve worked with training sites and course sites long enough to know that that’s just not going to happen! So, if you do decide to cancel your “family ties” obviously
we’ll be BUMMED, and WE WILL MISS YOU! But if you really need to leave then you’ll be able to do that every easily.

9. Can I access my WealthFuel Training on a mobile device?

Absolutely. It all plays great on mobile devices. You just sign in on your mobile device and you are golden.

10. What happens if I have a topic that I believe would be perfect for WealthFuel?

Just submit it to us and we will take a look at how it would fit our current content model and then maybe even discuss it with you as well as others for need and integration.

11. Is this like every other site out there and trains mainly on social media?

No. We have a monthly social media course and targeted training for it, but we have built WealthFuel out to give you the TRUTH and TRAINING of what you need to build Wealth in your Home Business. It covers DOZENS of topics that MUST be covered for
Hyper-Success in a Home Business. Although – there will be a LOT of social media training from us, as well as experts – that know their stuff like crazy. And there will be training for building a business ONLINE in Network Marketing as well that will help you accelerate your business.

12. Will this have the same old content that many of the other Training sites out there seem to have?

No. We have unique, one of a kind original content whether BRAND NEW or Classic Training – authored by Doug exclusively for WealthFuel. There may be some things Doug has authored that you may have heard on other sites being trained, but if it is in WealthFuel, it is Doug’s content that he authored. Every month will be FRESH NEW training you will get from nowhere else as no one else has it.

13. If I have been following Doug's trainings for awhile, will his older content be in WealthFuel as well?

YES. There are HUNDREDS of hours of Classic Training that will be released some each month so that you can have access to it whether you have heard it before, or it is brand new to you.

14. Do you have a Satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. If you do not find value in WealthFuel and want to terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, simply contact us.

15. How do I get in touch with WealthFuel if I have a question?

Just contact us on the form on our contact page and we’ll be in touch.

Get 3 Golden Fast Action Bonus Audios

These fast action bonuses are valued at over $500. Get them FREE when you join today!

The 5 Wealth Decrees

Daily Success Declarations

Transformational Leadership

Learn over 35 empowering secrets to personal and team leadership.

The Psychology of Wealth & Money

Discover the seven psychological secrets to building wealth.


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As we begin this new journey together and you make your way through the members area and apply what you learn, Jodi and I are expecting that you will experience an acceleration of epic proportions in your business. And we’ll be right by your side celebrating you and cheering you on every step of the way!

We sincerely look forward to connecting with you on the inside.

Be Blessed,

Doug Firebaugh